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Finding the Best College Board Sat Essay Prompts and Samples

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Truman Capote s The Bedroom Essay

aitlin Mullins Banister Ap Lang 3rd 17 November 2014 Rhetorical Analysis of Truman Capote’s â€Å"Nancy’s Bedroom† Author, Truman Capote, in his Book, In Cold Blood, in the section describing â€Å"Nancy s Bedroom,† writes about what her bedroom looks like, shows her personality, and describes her last day alive. Capote s purpose is to help the reader learn what Nancy was like, so her death has more of an impact on the reader. He adopts a mournful, sympathetic tone in order to explain how innocent Nancy was to his readers. Capote opens his narrative by illustrating how Nancy s bedroom looks. He starts off by using comparison of Nancy s bedroom by describing it as, ... the smallest, most personal room in the house-girlish, and as frothy as a ballerina s tutu. The author first uses a simile to describe her bedroom. The way Capote describes the bedroom lets the reader know she was girly. He then uses two parallels, mentioning, Walls, ceilings, and everything else except a bureau and a writing desk, were pink or blue or white. Capote s description of the bedroom lets the reader know what colors her room was. The descriptions give the reader more of an understanding of how girly and innocent Nancy was. Capote uses imagery throughout the story to give the audience an understanding of how Nancy s bedroom was set up. For example, A cork bulletin board, painted pink, hung above a white started dressing table... and The white-and-pink bed, piled with blue pillows... This

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Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal - 1356 Words

Don’t we all have the right to be happy? This is a common question that is raised, when it comes to the topic of same-sex marriage. Throughout the course of history the gay community has faced many challenges, from admitting to being homosexual to fighting for their rights. However, just recently the hot topic among gays is same-sex marriage. There are many that argue that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and that all people should be ale to live as they want. On the other side of the spectrum, people argue that it is wrong because it says so in the Bible, or that it doesn’t follow traditional values, or even that it doesn’t promote procreation. The issue of same-sex marriage should not be an issue of debate; everyone should be able†¦show more content†¦Also, â€Å"ended the federal policy of treating homosexuals as security risks and was the first president to invite gay activists to the White House.(American Decades)† Although they have fac ed many challenges, they have made slow progress over the years. Today the LGBT movement is more alive than ever, â€Å"opinion is changing in the U.S.(Obama’s Embrace†¦)† more and more people are becoming open to the idea of giving gays the right to marry, it has become legal in some states and the list is expanding. It has even become more open in politics. My candidate, Wendy Davis, is a woman who has faced several challenges, as we all have. Raised by a single mother, and being a single mother herself by the age of 19, she had to start working at a young age to help her mother out and later on to create a â€Å"better life for her young daughter.(Texas State Senator..)† This demonstrates the importance of family to her and how independent she is. She studied at Tarrant County Community College for two years and then transferred to Texas Christian University. Davis graduated first in her class with a bachelor’s degree and was accepted into Harvard Law. Once she graduated from Harvard Law with honors, she became an attorney in Fort

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Audit Opinion on Financial Statement of Banyan Tree

Question: Describe about the Audit Opinion on Financial Statement of Banyan Tree. Answer: Auditors Opinion Financial statement of Banyan Tree has been audited by Ernst Young LLP. They had provided an unqualified opinion on the financial statement according to which financial records shows true and fair view and are free from material misstatements (Annual report on Banyan Tree, 2015). In accordance with the opinion of the audit, financial statements are prepared by considering all accounting standards and complying with ethical aspects. It shows that internal control of the company is good and able to conduct their operational activities in a fair manner. Audit of Banyan tree has been conducted by complying with the audit standards of Singapore. On the basis of audit standards, Ernst Young LLP were required to comply with ethical norms and perform audit work with the reasonable assurance. Sufficient audit evidence have been obtained by auditors in order to provide audit opinion. Explanation Of Key Terms Used In Audit Report Collectively the group Audit of the entire group is done by Ernst Young LLP. The group includes subsidiaries as well as joint venture and associates of Banyan tree. Accounting policies and explanatory information Accounting standards applicable to the company has been evaluated to ensure that financial statements are prepared by considering proper norms (Porter, Simon and Hatherly, 2014). Further, explanatory information is considered for a better understanding of the company. Risk of material misstatement Auditor is required to identify the risk of material misstatement i.e. possibility of error or fraud in business (Lin and et,al., 2011). The existence of material misstatement shows that financial statements does not show true and fair view or are not in accordance with the financial reporting framework. Internal control It can be defined as method placed by the company in order to provide assurance regarding the integrity of financial statements. References Annual report on Banyan Tree. 2015. [Pdf]. Available through investors.banyantree.com/PDF/Annual_Reports/2015/BTH_AR2015.pdf . [Accessed on 24th November 2016]. Lin, S. and et,al., 2011. The role of the internal audit function in the disclosure of material weaknesses.The Accounting Review.86(1). pp.287-323. Porter, B., Simon, J. and Hatherly, D., 2014.Principles of external auditing. John Wiley Sons.

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Alyssa Bruce soc macdonadization Essays

Alyssa Bruce soc macdonadization Essays Alyssa Bruce soc macdonadization Paper Alyssa Bruce soc macdonadization Paper My first read over this hand out was a little hard, I had to re-read it multiple times to understand the different concepts, and to comprehend it. I feel like I have not lived long enough to feel the effects or even realize how I impact the world on a larger scale. I have heard people say that being in your asss is all about being selfish. You are pushed into trying to decide what to do with the rest of your life and pray that it makes you happy. So as a 21 year old who solely supports myself, I am just that, focused on work and school. As this adding states a lot of people are very focused in on themselves. Only when we are not so concerned about us and our lives can we see how we effect the world, or how the world affects us. I can definitely relate to the fact that am in my own private orb and I only let a small amount of things into my orb that I care about. The connection between our community, our society, and our America are all something that think most Americans truly care about. When we are not an important figure with in our society, we tend to forget that we may still have an impact on our America. Men and women in this day and age have grown to be content with in the middle class, usually coming from parents with more humble backgrounds. So the fact that because a majority of America is makeup of the middle class, we forget about the fact that we are relevant as a whole. All the middle classes make up communities, which make up states, which in turn make up America. We are not celebrities, or apart of the one percent, we are just middle class. We can relate to each other and rally behind others who work hard to achieve their dream. Because of this we have such a bigger impact on he world then I think we believe. The sociological imagination is something that I think a lot of people cant and dont want to understand. Most lower middle class families are only focused on one thing, and that is there family. I defiantly feel like it takes a community to raise a child, and when different children are brought up in different social classes they are shaped by that community. It take a certain type of person to care enough to have a social imagination, someone who not only cares about their family and community but also their impact on history. We read articles in the paper about war, heart break. We watch accounts of horrible stories and other sociological problems on the news. Most Of the time we dont relate it back to ourselves. We never imagine bad things happening to us, and then when we do, all we think about is us. Why me, why my family, we forget that things that have happened to us is happening all over the world. We may experience it in different ways, in which society had prepared us to deal with it, but we sometimes still forget that that we are not the only ones dealing with it.

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Health Provider and Faith Diversity Essay Example

Health Provider and Faith Diversity Essay Example Health Provider and Faith Diversity Essay Health Provider and Faith Diversity Essay Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Delia Stoica Grand Canyon University: HLT-310V February 4, 2012 Abstract The following paper describes three different religions: Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. It will detail the spiritual perspective on healing that all three of the faiths have. A description of what is important to their healing and what is important for the healthcare provider to know in caring for people of these faiths. Also there will be a summary of how these faiths differ from Christianity. Introduction The United States is known as a â€Å"melting pot†. This is due to all the different nationalities and faiths that are seen in our country. As healthcare providers we are faced with trying to understand all the different cultures we encounter on a daily basis in a hospital setting. There are many different faiths, some are well known such as Christianity and some are not quite so known such as Hinduism. Different faiths have different rules and regulations that they follow. Knowing all the intricate ins and outs of every religion is going to be impossible, but that should not stop someone from trying to learn all they can regarding the patients they are caring for. Everyone has probably heard of Judaism, Islam and Hinduism, but that does not mean that a nurse or physician would know all the things that would be different in regards to caring for patients of these different faiths. Hinduism Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. There are six major philosophies in the Hindu religion. One of the major one is Vedanta. Vedanta teaches that â€Å" that mans real nature is divine, and that the aim of human life is to realize divinity through selfless work, devotion to God, control of the inner forces, and discrimination between the real and the unreal. It recognizes that Truth is one and accepts all religions, properly understood, as valid means of realizing the truth (Guidelines, 2002)†. Hindus believe that the body is just a vehicle for the soul, and that when the body dies the soul transfers to another body until it can finally get to be united with God. They recognize that death is a natural part of life and the true self does not die when the body dies. There are a lot of things that the religion accepts which are part of the Western medical practices. Seeking medical attention is something that Hindus will do, but they believe that Western medicines tends to overmedicate their patients, especially with antibiotics which could make them hesitant to start an aggressive treatment plan. Some people of this religion may practice Ayurvedo or homeopathy to cure some problems. This religion allows for blood transfusions and organ transplantation/donations. There is no rule against performing an autopsy if needed. Because this religion practices modesty, women may prefer to be examined by a physician of the same sex. Hindus are very social and family oriented. It is important that the family be involved in the treatment and care of the patient. Women of the Hindu religion wear a red dot on their forehead to symbolize that they are married, some also wear necklaces, bracelets or toe-rings, which are not to be taken off, this is something that needs to be considered if there is a need for a procedure such as an MRI that requires all metals to be removed. Men of this faith wear a â€Å"sacred thread† which is never supposed to be removed. Many Hindus are strict vegetarians and will not eat beef or beef products, if at all possible they should be allowed to bring food from home unless there is a dietary restriction. In situations where there is an end-of-life issue, family needs to be very involved. Hindus do not believe in artificially prolonging life and may prefer to die at home. Because Hindus practice cremation and it needs to be done within 24 hours of death it is critical that all the paperwork is in order quickly. Judaism Judaism is one of the oldest religions still around today. There are Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish followers. Orthodox Jews strictly follow all traditional laws of the religion. The faith holds medical practitioners in high regards and even may break some rules if medical experts believe that it may be life saving. Most Jewish people observe the Sabbath, which is from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday, in which they are not allowed to work. In this regard a Jewish patient would not be able to write, use the button for a PCA pump, drive or even turn on a light switch. As healthcare ractitioners we need to keep that in mind when caring for patients during this time. The food they eat is â€Å"kosher† foods, which means that there are special ways of preparing beef. Pork, fish and gelatin are not allowed and neither is beef and milk together. Care needs to be taken with preparation of these foods for these patients, as healthcare providers we need to keep in mind that this is not just an issue of them being picky but an extreme ly important part of their religion. Men in this religion may wear yarmulkes â€Å"skull caps† during prayer and some may wear it all the time (Handbook, 2000). We need to make allowances for up to 10 people in the room during prayer. When dealing with end-of-life issues there are deep debates regarding withholding or withdrawing of life-saving therapy and families may want to consult a rabbi before making any decisions. The Jewish faith requires that burials happen quickly after death and autopsies at not permitted unless required by law. There is a requirement that a family member or representative of the family remain with the body at all times after death until burial, and also that amputated limbs be available for burial. Islam The Islamic religion is slowly becoming one of the largest religions out there. People who follow the Islamic religion are known as Muslims. Islam believes are â€Å" that all events, including health events, are the will of God, Muslim patients may be more likely to display acceptance of difficult circumstances and be compliant with the instructions of health care providers (Healthcare Providers, 2010)†. It is believed that the preservation of life overrides all guidelines, rules and restrictions. This faith requires extreme modesty and for men all body parts between the naval and knees need to be covered, for woman all but the face, hands and feet should be covered at all times when in the presence of anyone outside their family. Muslims are required to pray five times a day on a prayer mat facing Mecca. Patients that are ill can be excused from prayer if it is medically deemed that it is detrimental to their health. Patients are required by their faith to perform ablution with water before prayers and after urination and defecation. Islamic rule is that you use your left hand for dirty and right hand for clean duties. Muslims will prefer to use their right hand to eat and as a healthcare provider if you are feeding a Muslim patient it is preferred that you also use your right hand. Islam has a very strict rule regarding consumption of certain foods. Foods that are not permitted include pork, or pork derivatives and alcohol or alcohol containing foods. This could be a problem when giving certain medication that contains pork or alcohol. Providers should be aware of the medication given to a patient that is Muslim in order for them to follow the halal diet. Islam sees death as a natural part of life. They do not require treatment to be provided if it will only prolong a terminal illness. During end-of-life care, families may want to pray with the patient at bedside. This religion forbids autopsies, unless required by law. In the Islamic faith, burial needs to happen as soon as possible after death. The body should be washed by a family member or representative of the family and not by hospital staff, the body also needs to be covered by a sheet and face Mecca if at all possible. Comparing and Contrasting The previous religions discussed all have certain rules that need to be followed when it comes to dealing with healthcare. Christianity in general does not put any restrictions on healthcare providers. Certain Christian faiths such as Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow blood transfusions because they feel it is not part of their body. The three religions discussed feel that anything that can be done to safe the person should be done and that life is important. Interestingly enough Hinduism, Judaism and Islamic faiths all have restrictions on food that they deem unclean. The only Christian faiths that have restrictions on food are Catholics and Orthodox Christians, which do not eat meat during Passover. There are many differences between Christianity and other faiths and not too many similarities when it comes to healthcare. Conclusion In doing the research for this paper, there have been a lot of good points brought up in regards to taking care of patients that are of a different faith than myself. It is extremely important to me as a person and as a nurse to know who my patients are and what their beliefs and faiths are. In order to be able to take care of a patient, physically and emotionally we need to know the restrictions that we may face in our everyday dealings with them. Working in a hospital that sees an enormous amount of people from all over the world it is important to keep religion and culture in mind when providing care. Being able to do research and finding all the rules and requirements is a great educational tool to use and will make your patients more apt to trust you if they see that you understand where they are coming from. References Bennion, R. (2000). Handbook on cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. South Devon Healthcare. Retrieved February 3, 2012 from www. e-radiography. net/nickspdf/Handbook%20on%20beliefs. pdf Guidelines for health care providers interacting with patients of the Hindu religion and their families. (2002). Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council. Retrieved February 3, 2012 from info. kyha. com/documents/CG-Hindu. pdf Healthcare providers handbook on Muslim patients. (2010). Queensland Health and Islamic Council of Queensland. Retrieved February 3, 2012 from health. qld. gov. au/multicultural/health_workers/hbook-muslim.

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Organisational design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Organisational design - Essay Example Noncompetitive businesses and institutions such as government controlled administrations mostly thrive on centralised structures. The managers need to consider if they want to achieve the same results where they follow a rigid work routine then they can comfortably rely on a centralised control system. However, if they seek to get the competitive edge, especially if they are in the technology business, then they need to give more autonomy to respective departments and teams. â€Å"†¦a routine technology and a stable environment all tend to be associated with organizations that have greater formalization, specialization and centralisation† (Daft, Murphy, & Willmott, 2010, p. 26) If the managers are in a business that feeds on creative ideas then they need to make their departments autonomous. The tech industry is a prominent example of highly decentralised model because the more innovative and creative their ideas the better their competitive edge. Comparing a government operated tax department with a highly mobilized and competitive firm such as Apple or Samsung would reveal a centralised versus a decentralised business structure. The government department needs to be centralised while tech companies perform better when they are decentralised. Taking the same example a step further where marketing and TV commercials are made for any business. The process needs to be highly decentralised for the initiation of innovative ideas and creative pitch for customers. One thing that bears prime importance in this whole debate is that there are no black and white areas when the managers make a decision. Many organizations usually step on gray areas where there exists a mix of centralised and decentralised chain of command. In fact, decentralised structure poses a paradox for the managers. Giving too much autonomy to a department can be detrimental for the ultimate organizational goals. The head of the business cannot lose control